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Hospital equipment is advancing with the technological boom of the 21st Century, and the whole healthcare industry is increasingly modernizing by trading in old equipment for more efficient solutions. It’s great when healthcare mobile computer carts add efficiency to a hospital or clinic, but the costs of constantly purchasing new equipment can rack up.

One option is to invest in refurbished medical carts, in order to save money while still getting some relatively modern equipment. Healthcare mobile computer carts are developing with the times, but is it possible you could save money by purchasing a refurbished cart and simply loading the latest software?

We’ve prepared a guide, weighing up the pros and cons, to help you make a smart decision and manage your hospital budgets effectively.

Advantages of Refurbished Medical Carts

Although some might be obvious, a few of these advantages might surprise you and make you rethink your opinion on purchasing refurbished carts:

  • Save Money – This is the big one. Refurbished carts are always going to be cheaper than a new option, just like used cars or appliances. If you’re making a large order, the savings can really start to accumulate – perhaps it’s worth thinking about what else you could do with that money. The difference in price between new and refurbished equipment presents an opportunity cost, which means spending big on new carts means you could have invested money elsewhere.
  • Reliability – Although it may seem unintuitive, you might actually find refurbished carts more reliable than new ones. That’s because they’ve already been through their paces. It’s the same reason you’re often safer flying on an older airplane than a new model – one has received countless hours of testing and all its issues are identified and possibly even fixed.
  • Delivery Time – Although you can improve the efficiency of your operation by getting custom-made carts, engineered to your exact specifications, that’s going to take a little while. Refurbished carts are good-to-go, and you can get them into your hospital with minimal delay. In some cases, this might be a really important factor, and it’s an often-forgotten advantage of refurbished equipment.

Potential Drawbacks When Using Refurbished Items

Some of the potential disadvantages of using refurbished carts include:

  • Superficial Damage – Even refurbished equipment can have signs of wear. Although, your new equipment isn’t likely to look so shiny after a few months of good use either. Quality refurbished items still look presentable and high-quality; you need to decide if it’s worth the trade-off.
  • Damaged Items – It’s important to note: This is only a factor when buying from an untrustworthy vendor. Realistically, if you can’t trust your provider, you shouldn’t be buying them anyway.

Making the Right Decision

This all depends on your facilities needs and goals. If you like to replace equipment every year and put on a dazzling show for patients, with an endless supply of funds, refurbished medical carts might not be for you.

However, if you operate on a more modest replacement cycle and want to make some real savings on your long-term budgets, refurbishes equipment can be a great way to go.

Do the research, and make smart decisions on your hospital budget this year.

Shirley Wenger is a professional journalist and editor who has been working in the publishing industry for more than 15 years. She is an award-winning writer and her work has been featured in various publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine.

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