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Folding Knives

Everyday carry, or EDC, refers to items that are carried on-person to assist during possible emergency situations, self-defense, survival, or regular daily use. They’re lightweight and compact so they can be carried in a pocket, belt, or bag, and are often concealed, yet within reach; you won’t be saving these in a place of safekeeping, they’ll be right there with you for whatever need arises. This may include small tasks such as opening cardboard boxes or cutting up kindling for a campfire.

While EDC items include flashlights, pens, notebooks, and swiss knives, perhaps the most common EDC item is a knife.

Folding knives are especially common since they are more compact and concealable. Whether you’re looking for a new folding knife or to start carrying one, you have the option to buy a folding knife online and can consult a local outdoors or hunting store about finding the best one for you.

The following are some of the top knives for everyday carry and are available for purchase online.

1. Kershaw Cryo

Kershaw is a dominant brand of affordable everyday carry knives. It works with famous knife designers while attaining low costs. The Cryo is a great folding knife that has a sturdy frame, stainless steel blade, and stainless steel handle. It’s only 3.75 inches when closed, which makes it ideal for everyday carry, while being a sturdy and substantial knife.

2. SOG Trident

SOG is a brand favored by the military; Navy SEALS use SOG fixed-blades. It was inspired by a Vietnam War special ops unit and their original bowie knife. The Trident follows SOG’s tactical roots, while performing well as an everyday carry with 3.5 inches, a steel blade, and nylon handle.

SOG has a patented ARC lock system that ensures that the blade is easily opened with one hand and stays secure. All SOG knives also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Onatrio Rat Model 1

Ontario Knives is a company that sells kitchen cutlery and pocket knives as well as hunting and fishing knives. Their Rat folding knives are top selling; they’re affordable and sturdy. The Rat Model 1 is 4.5 inches when closed and weighs just five ounces, with a stainless-steel blade and nylon polymer handle. These knives are among the highest quality for the price.

4. CRKT No Time Off

Columbia River Knife and Tool is based in Oregon, and their brand identity is built on the reliable and innovative engineering of their products.

This knife, built in collaboration with Brazilian knife designer Flavio Ikoma, comes equipped with Ikoma’s ball-bearing pivot deployment system, which ensures that it will open and close smoothly. The knife also has Ikoma’s patented Ikoma Locking System: Once the blade is extended, its lock won’t fail.

5. Cold Steel Recon 1

This knife is another brand that’s favored by the military, as well as law enforcement. Its steel blade with DLC coating is extra tough, and comes with Cold Steel’s Tri-Ad locking system, so the blade will be secured open. This is a tough folding knife at a low price.

If you’re looking into knives for everyday carry, these are some of the top folding knives out there.

Your local gun and hunting supply shop will help you navigate your options and will aid in finding the best one for you, whether you buy your folding knife online or in-store.

Shirley Wenger is a professional journalist and editor who has been working in the publishing industry for more than 15 years. She is an award-winning writer and her work has been featured in various publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine.

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