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A positive displacement blower is the core of many other operations.  It’s what keeps conveyor belts moving, oils flowing, and employees working.  Maintaining your positive displacement commercial blower in GA means there will be little or no downtime in your operation.
The problem is that it works so well that you might forget to take care of it on a regular basis.  But when your blower stops working, your business stops working. And maintenance is key to keeping your equipment working for a long time. By not properly caring for your blower, you risk the chance of losing both money and time on costly repairs.  You’ll spend money on repairing the equipment and your business will incur expenses for downtime. Following are 5 key ways to maintain your blower,

Never start or run your positive displacement commercial blower in GA while it is low in oil.

When you turn on the machine, there is no going back – you might as well call maintenance right when you turn on the switch because this will trigger an immediate failure on the gears.
Before starting your positive displacement blower for the day, check the levels.
Consider establishing a procedure to check all of the machinery before starting the conveyors.  Just a few minutes will save you from lost time and damage.

Lubrication is crucial.

Just like a car, a positive displacement commercial blower in GA requires lubrication to keep the rotors moving smoothly.  They need their oil changed every 500-1000 hours, depending on the conditions in your facility.The dirtier the facility and the harder your positive displacement blower has to work, the moreoften you should change the oil.

Feed it!

Your positive displacement could be suffering from a starved inlet, which is a condition where insufficient airflow is entering the blower and therefore not cooling down the machine as it works.
Signs of a starved inlet include browning of the pain on the blower or yellowish color of the rotors.  Your blower is overheating at this point, so soon as you notice any strange discoloration, it’s time to take action. Again, keeping a checklist on how to maintain your equipment is key.

Too Much Pressure

Your positive displacement commercial blower in GA is a machine – it will keep going, and nothing can stop it from doing what it does best. To prevent over pressure, consider installing a pressure release valve on the discharge of each blower.Just a simple switch will provide relief to your positive displacement blower.

It’s Getting Hot

There are other reasons why your machine might overheat aside from a starving inlet.  The recirculation of airflow from the blower discharge to the blower inlet is clogged, or there is a throttling blower discharge trying to decrease the airflow. In either case, the positive displacement blower is trying to breathe and when it can’t, it overheats.
Though there are not many glaring signs your machine is not working, discoloration will give you a clue that something is wrong.  Just like too much pressure, consider installing a switch at the blower discharge.
Keep your positive displacement commercial blower in GA functioning by properly maintaining its parts.  Keep your machine lubricated, regularly check your levels, and look for any differences in how your machine looks or functions.  Any difference is worth looking into.
For more information regarding commercial blowers in GA, call our office today to speak with one of our experts. And keep in mind that we also offer engineering services, repairs and part sales.

Shirley Wenger is a professional journalist and editor who has been working in the publishing industry for more than 15 years. She is an award-winning writer and her work has been featured in various publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine.

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